About Robin Kawecki D.C.

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Dr. Robin Kawecki D.C. has a degree in Human Biology and a chiropractic degree, which he earned in 1990 from the National University of Health Sciences. He has practiced as a chiropractor ever since and has acquired a wide variety of experience and success with many different health conditions for both children and adults. He has worked in private practice in many different arenas throughout the Northwest Indiana region.
Dr. Kawecki incorporates a full-body approach in treatment, and treatment is always individualized based on patient needs and desires. He includes stretching, manual traction, soft tissue massage, range of motion mobilization, chiropractic, osteopathic, physical medicine techniques, and other evidence-based modalities. Dr. Kawecki also incorporates craniosacral therapy in his practice. He is also an animal chiropractor and enjoys working with dogs and horses.


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