Masterclass: How Ketamine is on the Frontier of Mental Health Care

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve most likely experienced some degree of trauma at some point in your life. While one person’s trauma may be physical, another’s could be mental or emotional. Left unaddressed, trauma may lead to unhealthy behavior patterns, low self-esteem, and symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and more.  In this […]

Handling Stress Effectively

How do you define stress? There are many good definitions and really the perception of stress is highly individualized. What one person may think of as stressful does not cause concern to another person. Public speaking is a perfect example. One person may fret about this to the point of becoming mentally and physically exhausted, […]

Healing Mind Chatter

Do you spend a lot of time worrying? Do negative thoughts keep you stressed? Listen as Forum Health Valparaiso’s founder, Dr. Renee Kimberling, ND, RN, CNHP, shares tips on how to heal that debilitating mind chatter for good!

1% Better Every Day

  A new favorite book of mine that I had heard so many Thought leaders talking about is Atomic Habits by James Clear. A life changing book.   The Premise   Clear discusses how just doing 1% better every day will result in a 365% improvement over the course of a year and that big transformations actually come from continual micro evolutions of the self. This makes […]