Top 10 Reasons to Try Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Do you ever wish that you could recharge your energy as easily as your phone recharges when it’s plugged in? With PEMF Therapy, it is practically that easy! All of the cells in your body hold energy, which is essential to complete all of your bodily functions including absorbing nutrients, eliminating waste, and functioning optimally. […]

Promoting Children’s Health

Years ago, when children came into our office to be treated, they suffered from one or two health concerns. Now, it seems that their concerns have grown into a whole list of complaints, and with covid-related problems, it has become even more apparent. Children are definitely at risk for health problems, which can even become chronic. Parents […]

Focus on Trajectory, Not Position

If we focus on where our current position is, we can get discouraged and feel defeated.    We know we want more for ourselves, but we can feel frustrated with our present conditions and think that what we truly want isn’t possible.  However, if we focus on our trajectory—how we are moving through life with the small improvements we are […]

1% Better Every Day

A new favorite book of mine that I had heard so many Thought leaders talking about is Atomic Habits by James Clear. A life changing book.   The Premise   Clear discusses how just doing 1% better every day will result in a 365% improvement over the course of a year and that big transformations actually come from continual micro evolutions of the self. This makes changes […]

Client Appreciation Days

As a thank you for your patronage we are inviting you to participate in our Client Appreciation Days.  Schedule your appointment for Friday, October 1st, or Saturday, October 2nd to enjoy free treatments and specials!  To our NAET clients, past and present, we will be offering  free treatments  for the 2021 Flu Vaccine, 2021 Flu Virus, […]