Dry and Live Blood Hemographics

Dry and Live Blood Hemographics In Valparaiso

Both live and dried blood specimens can provide valuable insight into the body’s current and past health states. They pinpoint stressors that are impacting the body and can also reveal how well the body’s defenses are handling the impact. Just like a fish swimming in unhealthy water will become unhealthy, so the cells in the body can come under attack by toxins and foreign proteins to which they are exposed. Examination of dried and live blood under a microscope can help determine balance or imbalance in the body, and changes often show up before physical symptoms manifest. Progress in health can also be monitored by the changes tracked in blood samples. Conditions commonly observed include hyperacidity, yeast overgrowth, parasites and bacteria, plaque, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, organ stress, and immune deficiencies. Blood Hemographics provide a valuable screening tool to help maintain and improve overall health and well- being in a simple, affordable method.


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