Foot Ionizer Detoxification

Foot Ionizer Detoxification

Foot ionizer detoxification is a therapy that helps draw harmful toxins out of the body.  It is both painless and invigorating.

In this therapy, the client sits for 30 minutes in a plain water footbath that is attached to an ionizer machine.  This ionizer machine breaks down water molecules into positively and negatively charged ions.  These charged particles attract impurities from the body, including heavy metals, lactic acid, uric acid, acetic acid, and other cellular debris.  The results will be quite evident in the water as the ionization process proceeds.  The water will change colors according to the various types of debris being expelled from the body.  In highly toxic bodies, the water will be so darkened that you may not even be able to see your feet in the footbath.

It is important to pull these wastes from the body, as they can attack muscles, joints, tissues, organs and glands and eventually result in major bodily dysfunction.  After the ionizer treatment, clients usually feel invigorated and “lighter.”  Arthritic pain is often relieved and clients report a sense of well being and relaxation.

Foot ionizer detoxification is not recommended for persons under age 15, transplant patients, pregnant or nursing women, persons with pacemakers, or those with open sores on their feet.

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