Health Screens

Healing Arts Center offers several forms of health screenings to help both clients and practitioners plan the most effective program for their care. Screenings include blood cell hemographics, bioscans, REAMS assessment, and biofeedback.

Blood Hemographics

Both live and dried blood specimens can provide valuable insight into the body’s current and past health states. They pinpoint stressors that are impacting the body and can also reveal how well the body’s defenses are handling the impact. Just like a fish swimming in unhealthy water will become unhealthy, so the cells in the body can come under attack by toxins and foreign proteins to which they are exposed. Examination of dried and live blood under a microscope can help determine balance or imbalance in the body, and changes often show up before physical symptoms manifest. Progress in health can also be monitored by the changes tracked in blood samples. Conditions commonly observed include hyperacidity, yeast overgrowth, parasites and bacteria, plaque, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, organ stress, and immune deficiencies. Blood Hemographics provide a valuable screening tool to help maintain and improve overall health and well- being in a simple, affordable method.

Reams Assessment (Urine and Saliva Assessment)

The Reams method of assessment is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to help calculate the health of the internal terrain of the body. It uses urine and saliva to evaluate sugar (or carbohydrate)levels, salt levels, urea (protein), albumin or cell debris, and pH balance. This equates to how effectively your body is utilizing its fuel and the speed to which wastes are being eliminated. Once these levels are determined, the practitioner can give very easy suggestions that can be followed through at home to help move the body into the ideal “healing zone.” The Reams assessment can help people feel better more quickly by making small changes to their health regimen. It helps determine the appropriate level of everything from water consumption to activity level. In other words, what is right for you? Why guess when you can be sure?

Good health equates with a plentiful supply of nutrients combined with balanced body processes. It takes about 90-180 days to replace all cells in the body. The older our cells become, the longer they take to change. We have less room for deviation from a healthy lifestyle. We must be more careful about the lifestyles we choose and the health decisions we make. Applying simple healthy lifestyle changes allows the body to do amazing things.

Reams assessments should be made 1 hour before eating or 2 hours after eating. For the saliva testing, nothing should be put in the mouth (even water) for 15 minutes prior to sample collection. The cost is $59 and you should plan on a 1-hour appointment.


Healing Arts Center is proud to introduce the latest in computerized health technology, utilizing totally non-invasive bioscan equipment capable of measuring stressors in the various body organs and systems.  Data is collected using Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) by placing the hand on a “cradle.”  GSR accurately reveals the client’s current energetic condition, identifying specific food, environmental, and chemical sensitivities, physiologic responses to medications and supplements , and other stressors that are throwing the body’s energies out of balance and resulting in “dis-ease.”  This form of bio-technology enables a thorough and better-informed approach to care for both the client and the practitioner, as well as revealing progress that’s being made throughout the treatment process.  It saves clients time and money by helping “get it right the first time.”  It is a fast, painless, and easily-affordable bio-communication tool that delivers valuable feedback in prioritizing approaches to care and achieving optimal health and well-being.


Biofeedback is performed with the use of a sophisticated computer system which challenges the person’s immune system and identifies specific stressors, or root causes, of health concerns. These stressors can be emotions, toxins, pathogens, leaky gut, heavy metals, parasites, bacteria, emotions, and a host of other factors. During biofeedback, the body not only receives energy information but also delivers it by transmitting subtle electromagnetic impulses. Based on this specific information, the practitioner can more appropriately suggest therapies that would help the body heal quicker.

Hormone Level Testing

Healing Arts offers both saliva and blood testing for sex hormones, adrenal, and thyroid functioning. Many times, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can be utilized if needed.


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