Many people think of reflexology as simply “a really good foot massage,” but actually it is much more than that. Reflexology is a very ancient art. In fact, archeologists have discovered pictographs on the walls of the ancient pharaoh’s tombs showing physicians administering reflexology to the kings. (Perhaps the lesson here is if you want to feel like a king – try reflexology!)

Reflexology can actually be administered on the feet, hands, or ears. At Healing Arts Center we practice reflexology on the feet and/or hands.

People have over 7,000 nerve endings in their feet alone. All of the body’s organs, glands & skeletal structures are represented in the feet as well as the hands. It is a literal road map to the human body.

By applying gentle pressure to these points, the practitioner is able to either stimulate or calm organs and glands, depending on what the body needs at that time. For example, clients with low thyroid function may need that gland stimulated, whereas clients with sciatica or lower back pain may need that area calmed.

In general, reflexology increases oxygenation to all tissues, thereby feeding the tissues and also carrying away waste products. This in turn decreases muscle tension and soreness and decreases swelling and its accompanying pain. Your immune system, skin tone and focus are also strengthened.

Reflexology is highly recommended for migraines, arthritis, neuralgia, back pain, fibromyalgia, diabetes, chronic fatigue, and even sinus conditions. Excreting the body’s toxins through this helpful technique provides overall improvement in general health and well-being.

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