SOT (Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique)

Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique

One of our newest therapies at Healing Arts Center is Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique, or SOT. This is a cutting-edge IV treatment for specific infections including Lyme disease (including Borrelia, Babesia, and Bartonella), and viruses such as HIV, Epstein Barr, CMV, HPV, HIV, and several others.

This therapy utilizes messenger RNA that is naturally found in the patient’s own body; therefore, it is not a drug therapy. SOT began about 10 years ago at RGCC labs in Greece and has been backed by many years of research by both European and American companies and universities. Now, thousands of patients benefit worldwide from this unique and effective therapy.

Much scientific research on SOT therapy has been done in the last few years and continues today. SOT halts the replication cycles for 24 species of Lyme disease and some Lyme co-infections as well. Each treatment is uniquely tailored to a person’s individual needs. The SOT molecules slowly degrade in the body and can therefore attack the Lyme or viral cells for up to 6 months. It does NOT interfere with any other therapy a person might be receiving.

SOT only influences specific gene expressions and does NOT change gene structure. This is NOT genetic therapy. SOT is also not an immune therapy and does not work through the immune activation system. It can identify specific pathogens with a 98% accuracy rate.

SOT is administered through a short IV infusion. After that, the SOT will work around the clock for up to 6 months to inhibit the replication of the specific pathogens it targets. The next lifecycle is thereby halted, and follow-up testing is strongly recommended to verify the treatment has been successful.

The GOAL of SOT therapy for viral infections is to have the viral load down to normal, which usually takes 1 to 3 treatments within a 12-month period. The goal for bacterial infections is to have less than 5 cells per unit.

Currently, SOT therapy is available for the following pathogens:

  • Lyme disease (Borrelia species)
  • Bartonella
  • Epstein Barr virus
  • HHV1, 2, and 6
  • HPV 6 and 11
  • Shingles virus
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Babesia
  • HIV
  • CMV
  • Coxsackie virus A and B
  • HPV 16 and 18
  • HTLV 1

Is it safe? Are there side effects?

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