Hormone Testing with Katie Wandasiewicz

At Healing Arts Center, we are committed to empowering people to resolve their health issues.  An important component of good health is metabolic balance.  Hormones, neurotransmitters, and other associated body chemicals like iron and insulin need to be balanced for the body to maintain normal function.  If hormones or associated chemicals are not in balance, many body functions may be negatively impacted, including sleep, weight, fitness, mood, sexual function, fertility, and cognition.

Patients who want to address these issues can easily be tested to identify potential imbalances so they can be addressed and resolved.  Healing Arts uses ZRT labs for testing.  ZRT lab tests are provided to patients, then completed and mailed directly to the lab by the patient.  Results come to the patient as well as the practitioner.  Once results are received, the practitioner works with the patient to create a plan of care that includes dietary, lifestyle, and bioidentical hormones or supplement recommendations as indicated by the lab results.  The patient and practitioner will then communicate regularly to monitor progress and patient response to care.

Lab tests currently available include adrenal stress, cortisol levels, thyroid function, neurotransmitter levels, menstrual/fertility cycles, cardiometabolic panels, sleep balance, sex hormone balance, and weight management.  Samples are in the form of blood spot, saliva, or urine.  In order to determine the correct test for each individual, a comprehensive history is obtained which may include a symptom rating scale or checklist, a food or sleep log, and a basic physical exam including vitals and systems review.  This ensures the practitioner can determine the correct lab for the patients and follow up with the most specific and individualized plan of care.

Many symptoms can indicate imbalance is present, and it can be confusing and overwhelming to determine where to start.  Interrupted sleep, weight gain or retention, mood alterations, hair loss, fatigue, headaches, hot flashes, or cold hands and feet can all be indicators of imbalance, though they may also indicate other conditions.  Selecting the correct lab work will provide a direction forward so progress can begin or continue.  

Contact Healing Arts today to schedule an office visit with Katie Wandasiewicz, BS, CH, DTR to start the process of renewed health.  Katie Wandasiewicz addresses hormone imbalance issues with natural substances which are available either without a prescription or by prescription through a compounding pharmacy, as indicated by individual results.  All supplements are of the highest quality and are available by special order or in the clinic at time of service.