Our Happy Patients

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Mind-Body Therapies

I came in feeling run down with no energy. After my first session, I felt more relaxed and had restful sleep, whereas before I slept but it wasn’t restful. I feel I am healing. After the second session I have more energy – I will keep you posted! Oh – and I dropped 5 pounds in one week! Sincerely,

Mental Health

If I could give you a hundred stars I would! Forum Health providers are the absolute best! If you suffer from PTSD, depression, ADHD, go see them. Your life will change."

GI System

With only one appointment so far, I saw a lot of improvement with my GI system. Thank you! With only one appointment so far last week, I saw a lot of improvement with my GI system. I know I have a long way to go, but I noticed a marked improvement with the motility of both my stomach and bowels. My stomach was growling quite a lot the first four days after your session, and I also emptied a lot more from my bowels than usual. All of this is very important when you have been diagnosed with gastroparesis. Looking forward to more treatments with you and continued improvement with all my ailments. Thank you so very much!

Hypnotherapy & Nutrition

I met Katie at 583lbs in October of 2019 from my heaviest weight of 620, but I was stuck between those numbers. As of 12/2/2020 I am weighing in at 359lbs! Not only have I been able to form new healthy habits, a lifestyle for success, but I now have the mindset to make what I want to see happen. I couldn’t have done all of this at the same time without Katie! I owe her so much credit for the progress of this body/mind transformation I am in and will forever be grateful!

Craniosacral Therapy

I began seeing Dr. Tracey around 3 months ago. I felt comfortable with her immediately. It is apparent she is a compassionate, intelligent and an understanding individual who truly strives to assist you in achieving total healing in your body. She listens to your concerns/pain and will address them during your session. Every time I have left a Craniosacral session with her, I have felt pain leave my body within a few days. It amazes me how her 1 session seems to work through my body for days. I had never heard of this treatment prior to seeing Dr. Tracey and was unsure if I would feel better and STAY better. Yet it described a healing that I needed. I tried all the other options after my injury, and nothing worked. I have gone from an 8 on pain/discomfort level to a 3. My nerves are calm, my eye twitching has reduced, and the stuttering has disappeared. She has healed so much of what was wrong and has my system working again! Best decision I ever made!


I'll admit I really had no idea what hypnotherapy could do but I was curious so without any particular intentions or expectations I had my first session with Katie. The session was relaxing and interesting in that I could tell something had shifted even though I wasn't exactly clear what that was at first. In follow up sessions with her those shifts have continued and I have found myself opened up to new ideas and ways of living that I didn't even realize I had closed myself off to. In a very real and tangible sense I am coming to see her sessions as part of a self-awakening especially to my spiritual side of life. I have made some considerable changes in my eating habits and lifestyle that I directly attribute to my sessions with Katie. My work with her has quite literally changed my life for the better. What began as an almost idle curiosity has turned into one of the best things I've ever experienced and I can't recommend Katie highly enough.

Thank you so much for the hypnosis session! I am ready and willing to do all the things! I am very thankful for you and I am truly excited that we have crossed paths. It's so helpful to have someone on the same page. Thank you so much

Chiropractic Care

I have been going to Tracey for about a year. I was in acute pain and could barely walk when I first saw her. My pain was relieved significantly over a series of visits. I continue to see Tracey for regular 'maintenance' visits. She is very thorough in her assessment, and clinical interventions. She has combined chiropractic care with her background in craniosacral therapy, providing a truly unique, yet comprehensive approach in addressing my pain issues. I am thrilled to have found such an excellent practitioner.

Stress Relief

I began getting Bioenergetic work done with Forum Health last fall. Life stressors where giving me pain in my joints, insomnia, and chronic lethargy. After receiving one treatment, I felt rested and focused. They recommended that I avoid certain foods based on her assessment. After several more treatments, I had done an almost complete turnaround - no joint pain, sleeping more soundly and not having insomnia, and much more energy. I just started getting acupuncture and noticed some immediate positive changes with that as well. I highly recommend Forum Health as they are very knowledgeable and caring.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

I just want to give a huge SHOUT OUT to Forum Health and express my gratitude for cosmetic acupuncture! I was initially scared of it. (I hate needles and pain), and the idea of needles in my face - well... I never would have thought would have done it. But my wrinkles have really been bothering me lately. They were so patient and kind, knowledgeable, understanding and fun. We laughed together. What a pleasant experience all the way around. I am incredibly happy with the results. First, I was delighted that it wasn't painful at all (some spots more sensitive, but not painful). Second, I had results I wasn't expecting! Friends commented I looked "younger", and the best thing for me was I not only looked better BUT ALSO slept right through the night (I had been waking up several times previously), and have had no more hot flashes!! Absolutely incredible and completely unexpected bonus! Thank you Forum Health!!

Bioenergetic Therapies

Forum Health has been treating me the past month for an autoimmune disease that I have been dealing with for three years. One month of treatment has brought relief to several nagging symptoms right away. I've noticed a positive difference physically and felt more energetic overall. I look forward to what more sessions and time can bring to the healing process.

Acupuncture & Access Bars

The care I'm receiving at Forum Health is life changing. I've finally taken control and found healing and clarity in ways I believe my mind, body and soul have been craving for close to 25 years. I was desperate and knew I needed something different than the traditional methods I had always used to treat/manage my chronic pain anxiety and depression. I've made such progress in understanding myself and truly enjoyed this healing journey. With the help of Acupuncture and Access Bars, I was enjoying things in life that I turned away from for many years. I was communicating my struggles and needs with the people in my life. I was seeing glimpses of the real me again. In the midst of my care in August 2018, my father died suddenly after a brief illness and immediately following, I became estranged from my mother and sister. I have never been so low, lost, lonely and broken hearted. I felt all the progress I had made was lost and I had sunk into the deepest hole I had ever been in. In a state of desperation, I literally turned myself over to these caring professionals. I had no choice. I refused to return to prescription medications. I had worked too hard to rid my body of them after nearly 25 years. I knew that wasn't the answer for me. This is when I met Forum Health. We began with acupuncture and then we moved to other bioenergetic therapies. The variety of treatment modalities she has available and the manner in which she implements them in my treatment is simply amazing. She is driven by her passion to help her patients be better and feel better. She never stops learning and growing. She has such a heart for healing. She is truly a gift. I'll never "understand" how or why she does all that she does, but I don't need to. For me, there is beauty, freedom and healing just by letting go in this way. There is great power in letting go and being vulnerable. It's a deep healing that I am in the midst of. It's a difficult and beautiful process of learning and loving and I am open to it all. I am fascinated! I've put my trust in these professionals and together we are doing amazing things for my health, happiness and well-being. I want to continue to evolve and grow into myself in whatever season I am in. There will always be really good stretches and really challenging stretches...it's not always rainbows and unicorns! In all of my seasons, all of my ups and downs I am beyond blessed that Forum Health has become my soft place to land. Forever grateful,

Wonderful Sleep

Oh my, Forum Health treated my insomnia yesterday and I slept like an angel. I haven't slept so well in years. I am very glad I found Them!

Physical Therapy

Over 10 years of chronic back pain, misdiagnosed countless times, and surgeons wanting to cut on my back. I'm so thankful for being referred here because I finally have a proper diagnosis and a new pain free lease on life.

Cervical Dysplasia

After a year of medical procedures for cervical dysplasia caused by HPV, I decided to give Forum Health a try before proceeding with a hysterectomy. I'm happy to say with four months of treatment at the Center, I was cleared of the above. I appreciate the time and effort each staff member provided. You were able to achieve what Western medicine could not!

I Was a Skeptic

As a skeptic, I allowed myself to take A.R.T. treatments for about 3 months or so. The alternative was Western medicine drugs, which I had rejected. The first sign when I could tell A.R.T. was working was when all the people around me were having strong allergic responses to cottonwood trees, and I was symptomless. What a shock of awareness! A year later I was finishing up A.R.T. basics and feeling just fine. My immune system seems to be totally "on-line" and in charge. Their instincts of how to proceed with my system and the A.R.T. process have had awesome results. I find no words to say how A.R.T. has so wonderfully improved my health.

A Switch Flipped

In April of 2016, I began having unexplained bouts of anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations, mild joint pain, confusion, fearfulness and tiredness. I knew immediately something wasn't right, because my symptoms were completely out of the blue and not my normal self. It was literally like a switch was flipped inside my body. In May of 2016 I started treating at Forum Health. I met with Renee who suggested I have live blood work done at their office. The blood work showed signs of Lyme disease and I began treating immediately at Forum Health with a combination of regular A.R.T. visits, sublingual UBI treatments, visits with Dr. Smith and supplements. I also purchased a Rife machine for home usage, using the bulb feature several times a week, along with bi-weekly ion pro wave footbaths. The treatment has been a rollercoaster in that there are ups and downs. However, despite the lows it is important to note that perseverance it key! I have been operating at about 90% for a while now, but am happy to say that since December of 2017, I have been relatively symptom-free! It's like that switch that was flipped in April of 2016 is just about switched off. I am thankful Forum Health was the first place I visited for my original symptoms. They found the problem right away and I was able to start treating immediately. Renee and her staff are truly compassionate, and several times Renee has hit the nail on the head when pinpointing the specific problem when certain things were ailing me. I have found all of my treatment regimens to be extremely helpful in my fight against Lyme. The approach was well-rounded and worked wonders for me!

Chelation Therapy

After nine chelation treatments I can already tell the difference in my circulation. I do not have the level of pressure in my chest that I had before. Further, the arthritis in my ankle from an old basketball injury has significantly improved. Further yet, my blood pressure has gone down.


Forum Health literally gave me back my life. I had struggled since I was a college student with symptoms that Chronic fatigue to cytomegalovirus and Epstein Barr to Babesiosis. Then I contact Forum Health for help with food allergies, possibly "leaky gut." Very early in treating me, they suggested that I be checked for Lyme. "Of course not - I tested negative!" Well, after taking the Igenex test I found I had very high levels of Lyme. The treatments took about 2 years, but I can thankfully say I've regained my health and, most importantly, my self-confidence. Thanks to the Forum Health team for hanging in there with me!

Great Progress

I have made great progress in my time coming here. The staff is always helpful and positive. My doctors couldn't figure out my problems, but Dr. Renee identified them in just a couple of visits. I would recommend this clinic to my closest friend.

Infant Son's Eczema

As an infant, my son would often have eczema and hives due to several IGE allergies and sensitivities. A.R.T. treatments have helped him to clear many of his sensitivities. He seldom has skin reactions now, but when he does we are able, through A.R.T., to quickly find out the cause and clear it. We are looking forward to continuing treatment to clear his IGE allergies so that he will no longer have any food restrictions. We are so grateful for discovering A.R.T.!

Tired of Getting No Answers

In 2000 I had become very ill, so much that I don't remember my youngest's early years. I had gone through numerous "medical" tests with no results (only wasted money). Since I was getting no answers I decided to take matters into my own hands. I changed my diet, took herbs, and this seemed to help for a time, but there were still symptoms of something worse going on. It wasn't until I got referred to Forum Health in the year of 2013. I started treatments right away with eliminating allergens and other immune disorders. It's been a long journey, but one I'm thankful I took. All of the staff at Forum Health could not be more kind and knowledgeable in their field. If you're struggling with your health and not getting any answers, why not give Forum Health a try - like me you'll be glad you did!

After 5 Treatments

A huge thank you to Dr. Renee and the staff of Forum Health.

After many years of traditional medicine with no cures - just treating symptoms, I am so happy to have found Forum Health. After finishing the basic 5 A.R.T. treatments, I feel like I have my life back - renewed energy, less digestive issues, and improved mental clarity.

The plan is to continue with A.R.T. until all my health issues are cleared with 100% confidence that A.R.T. will ensure me many years free from illness.

I highly recommend the Forum Health to anyone seeking better health.

Little Lucy

Since my daughter was about 6 days old she had stomach issues. She spent the first three months of her life screaming. She was either sleeping, eating, or screaming. She was taken to the NICU for 3 days after she was born, where they pumped her full of antibiotics. I know that is what messed her gut up, but it took me months to realize that her pain was caused by food intolerances.

Flash forward to a few months ago...
At 16 months old, there were only a handful of foods that Lucy could tolerate. She would have screaming fits, and I knew that she was in pain because she would arch her back horribly and her stomach would get extremely hard. Western doctors didn't help Lucy, and honestly I don't think they took her issues seriously. When Lucy had a reaction to food, it wasn't a typical reaction. No rash - no vomiting, no diarrhea. It was all in her gut.

I heard about A.R.T. through a Facebook group and decided to try it. I was thrilled to find a practitioner about 20 miles from my home. On January 6, 2017 I went in for a consult with Dr. Renee. I believe that she could feel/sense the severity of Lucy's issues and she started treatment that day.

It has been 3 months since Lucy started A.R.T. and the results have been AMAZING. Lucy went from waking up 2 to 3 times in the middle of the night, screaming in pain, to sleeping 12 (yes 12) hours through the night! She doesn't have her screaming fits during the day anymore either. Lucy went from being able to eat around 6 foods to being able to eat pretty much anything (within reason). I am beyond grateful to Dr. Renee for healing my daughter. A.R.T. has been a lifesaver and I recommend it to anyone with any allergies/intolerances. It is truly amazing.


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