The Body is Like a Musical Instrument

Imagine your body is an instrument in an orchestra or band. If you are “out of tune” the whole group is affected, and your playing is not the quality you would like it to be. Your instrument needs to be tuned, balanced and maintained regularly to play at its best. The body is like a finely tuned instrument able to function as desired with efficiency and accuracy. Like the strings of an instrument, our nerves determine how we function. One of the most important aspects of staying healthy is maintaining a strong nervous system which can withstand the challenges of life. Physical restrictions and imbalances can cause us to “play out-of-tune,” making life more challenging than it needs to be. 

How do you know if your system is balanced and “in tune?”  There are a number of methods for determining if and where imbalance is present. For example, the process called Healthy Movement© helps individuals learn how their bodies move best and what occurs internally with certain movement patterns. People are often surprised to find that they are tense and holding their breath with normal everyday activities. Once aware, and with practice, they begin to move differently and breathe well when doing those activities. The result is that pain is often reduced, and movement becomes much easier. Healthy Movement© starts with awareness and results in positive physical change. 

Another technique is called Koren Specific Technique (KST). This protocol allows the practitioner to identify and prioritize problems and then address them in order of importance for maximum benefit. KST offers a simple and effective way to find imbalance through physically challenging an area in the body and then checking for imbalance in another area that responds to the challenge (like the muscles in the back of the head, or at the ankles.) Corrections are often made with an instrument that gently corrects the imbalance at the location identified. Since the body is a system of interconnected parts, stress in one area will physically connect to another and can create change. Although this process seems complex, the nervous system is aware of every part of the body and can easily sense a problem when we call attention to it. It also knows what “normal” feels like and can participate in correcting a problem once identified.

Healthy Movement and KST are two of the powerful healing systems offered at Forum Health. Each offers a unique and specific way of identifying and correcting imbalance patterns in the body. Once a problem is identified and corrected the nerves will send and receive better quality information and overall function will improve. This is even true of chronic conditions, though problems that have been present for a long time can also take more time to heal. When imbalance is corrected, your body will be “in-tune” so you can do more of what you want with better function and greater wellness.