Many people tell me they have no allergies, but everyone does! An allergy is anything in the body that causes an abnormal response. In can be food, something you are breathing, animals, chemicals, emotions—anything! The average person has 15-25 allergies.

Some allergens can cause very significant reactions that can affect our health long-term. In fact, most chronic conditions people suffer with have allergies at their root. If the root of the problem is discovered, the symptoms or resulting disease conditions will dissipate.

There are some “weird allergies” that most people would not connect with common disease conditions. Take this test to see if you can determine the source of many these maladies:


One very common cause of low back pain in men is an allergy to their __________.

A common cause of neck pain is an allergy to __________.

A common cause of bedwetting in children is an allergy to their _________. The emotion of _________ can also be involved. 

A common cause of brain fog is an allergy to __________.

A common cause of breast cancer is an allergy to __________.

A common cause of canker sores is an allergy to __________.

Common causes of recurrent yeast infections in women is an allergy to __________ and __________.

Carpal tunnel is often caused by an allergy to __________.

Chronic constipation is often due to an allergy to __________ and __________.

Depression can be caused by an allergy to __________.

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  • Belts
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Mattress; helplessness
  • Grains
  • Deodorant
  • Vitamin C
  • Toilet paper; soap/detergent
  • Dairy
  • Minerals & grains
  • Hormones